Business Café

Business Café is a project initiated by Insource, Executive Search & Consulting and exclusively sponsored by PASHA Bank. It aims to organize meetings of top-management representatives of leading companies where they will be able to discuss specific work-related subjects and share experience with each other. 

It is the first time for this kind of meetings to be held in Georgia and they serve as a place for discussions over the current processes and news from different fields of business. The meetings host up to 20 participants and are moderated by a special guest who engages the attendees into experience-sharing. 

Among the speakers and presented topics of the previous Business Café meetings were: 

-    Lado Gurgenidze, former Prime Minister of Georgia, an executive chairman of the supervisory board of Liberty Bank with the topic “Thoughts about management and leadership”
-    Giorgi Kadagidze, former president of National Bank of Georgia, with the topic “Innovation management”
-    Alexander Jejelava,  Minister of Education of Georgia -  „Organizational corporate culture“
-    David Gogichaishvili, general manager of Night Show Studio - „Management of human resources”
-    Andro Dgebuadze, business advisor – ”Management 3.0 or MBA books in mirror” 
-    Papuna Toliashvili, founder and managing partner of Synergy Group - „Circular Organizational Structures“
-    Tinatin Rukhadze, Co-founder and General Director at research and consulting company ACT- “Who is the leader of the future?”
-    Guga Tsanava, businessman and entrepreneur - “Stanford Model of Management”
Sascha Ternes, Managing Partner at TERNES Real Estate Fund LLC and former CEO of ProCredit Bank - "Organizational culture, business ethics and corporate management" 

Business Café is an on-going project and its gatherings are organized several times a year.