PASHA Bank’s New Year charity gift to First Step Georgia

On December 26th, 2015 PASHA Bank congratulated its partners and the charity organization First Step Georgia with New Year in a special way: the Bank donated a painting by Rusudan Petviashvili - “The Choice” (2015, mixed media painting, silk, 50X50cm) to the fund with the right to sell it directly or via auction. The funds raised from the sale of the painting will be applied for the educational needs of children with intellectual and physical disabilities. Earlier this year PASHA Bank congratulated First Step Georgia with Easter and donated GEL 10 000 on behalf of its partners.

In addition to the kind deed that was done in their name, partners of PASHA Bank also recieved signed copies of the painting as a new year gift.

“Corporate social responsibility is a significant part of PASHA Bank’s everyday life. We are more than happy to share our New Year joy with our partner companies as well as charity organization First Step Georgia. We hope that our small but kind gift will benefit the fund’s beneficiaries,”- said Shahin Mammadov, CEO at PASHA Bank Georgia.

“For more than seventeen years First Step Georgia is providing assistance  to children and youth under eighteen years with severe and profound physical and mental disabilities, mostly from socially vulnerable families. In 2015, we started a new scholarship program under which any donor can choose a beneficiary in our organization and fund his or her studies and development programs. PASHA Bank was one of the first organizations to join this project. This gift is a huge support to us and we will use the funds received from selling this picture for the benefit of our children. On behalf of First Step Georgia, I would like to thank PASHA Bank once again for their good deeds that reflect the brands’s high social responsibility.” – said Tinatin Dolidze, Marketing Manager at First Step Georgia.