Clearing and Settlement Services

PASHA Bank Clearing and Settlement Services can be used by large enterprises, as well as medium and small enterprises with annual turnover exceeding one million GEL, or with a potential to achieve this figure in the near future.

PASHA Bank offers clearing and settlement services in GEL and foreign currencies for both resident and non-resident legal entities. Clearing and settlement services cover various cash and non-cash transactions.

Current Account

PASHA Bank offers multi-currency accounts and provides a full range of services for these accounts.

Cash Inflows to Current Accounts

Deposits to current accounts can be made in a cash and non-cash form. Account can be debited by the account owner or by wire transfer made by business partners.

Payments in Local and Foreign Currencies

PASHA Bank can transfer payments in local and foreign currencies to the bank accounts located in Georgia or abroad. The Bank’s membership in the SWIFT and RTGS system and its corresponding relationships with a number of reputable foreign banks ensures promptness of domestic and foreign bank transfers.

Pre-authorized Payments

PASHA Bank ensures timely payment of recurring transactions (rental payments, etc.) on the basis of standing orders submitted by the customer, thus eliminating the necessity of preparing and submitting payment orders for each payment. 

Currency Exchange (Conversion Services)

The customer may perform cash or non-cash currency exchange operations (local and foreign inter-currency conversion) within clearing and settlement services.

Cheque Book Services

Upon request, the Bank issues a cheque book to the customer opening a current account. You can arrange payment from your account to any person who is also using cheques.

Account Statements

At the customer’s request, the Bank issues a statement of account balance and activity, letters and other confirming documents.

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