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CSR Activity - 2023 Year

Pasha Bank has been actively involved in various CSR activities in 2023.

New Year CSR Activity - 2020 Year

PASHA Bank continues its New Year tradition and this year, on several locations, at the entrance of the city of Rustavi and in the Rustavi Park, bank has planted 2020 Eldarica Pine and Olive trees.

PASHA Bank’s traditional eco-friendly activity on New Year to congratulate its partners

For the third year in a row PASHA Bank congratulatedits partners and employees on New Year with a CSR green activity.

PASHA Bank funds planting of 2018 trees within “Aghadgine” campaign

As a New Year gift for its partners PASHA Bank will plant 2018 trees joining in the Aghadgine campaign that aims to recover the burnt territory of Borjomi forest.

PASHA Bank’s Easter CSR Activity

PASHA Bank continues its Green line and initiates yet another charity eco project.

New Year CSR Activity - 2017 Year

PASHA Bank Planted 2017 Georgian Pine Trees on Behalf of Its Partners As a New Year gift for its partners, PASHA Bank planted 2017 Georgian Pine Trees near Borjomi, where 260 hectares of forest got burnt down in August 2008.

PASHA Bank plants 1000 oak trees

This year again PASHA Bank congratulated its partners and clients on Easter in a special way: on behalf of its associates the Bank planted 1,000 Georgian Oak (Quercus Iberica) and Imeretian Oak (Quercus Imeretina) trees, the latter of which is in the Red List of threatened species of plants.

PASHA Bank’s New Year charity gift to First Step Georgia

On December 26th, 2015 PASHA Bank congratulated its partners andthe charity organization First Step Georgia with New Year in a special way: the Bank donated a painting by Rusudan Petviashvili - The Choice (2015, mixed media painting, silk, 50X50cm) to the fund with the right to sell it directly or via auction.

Easter Charity - Donation to SOS Children's Village

PASHA Bank congratulated its partners and clients on Easter in a traditional way: on behalf of its stakeholders the Bank transferred the amount to charity organization SOS Childrens Village that will be used to fund full-year English language courses for all university applicants living in the Village.

Easter Charity

April 8th, 2015- PASHA Bank congratulates its partners on Easter holiday and makes a donation of GEL 10 000 to charity organization First Step Georgia on their behalf.

PASHA Bank Supports Eco Project in Kondoli Village

On April 1st Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador in partnership with PASHA Bank carried out an eco-project in Kondoli village (Telavi region, Kakheti).

Spotlight Marketing Library

On May 24th, 2015 Radisson Blu Iveria hosted the years main marketing event in Georgia - Spotlight 2015.

Activity on International Women’s Day

PASHA Bank made a donation to Womens Information Center on behalf of the Banks female clients and partners, thus congratulating them in a traditionally special way.

PASHA Bank Sponsored Bright Georgia Summer Camp for Socially Vulnerable University Applicants

PASHA Bank co-funded yet again another educational project this summer: foundation Bright Georgia organized a special Summer Camp for university applicants from socially vulnerable group in Kobuleti.

PASHA Bank joined the blood donation campaign “Give blood. Give life”

On June 22 PASHA Bank joined the blood donation campaign Give blood.

PASHA Bank Support for the Victims of the 13 June Flood

PASHA Bank expresses its condolence in regards with the flood of June 13 and in addition to the daily support that we provide to the volunteers special funds were provided for donation to Tbilisi City Hall in the sum of GEL 10 000.