Healthcare Sector Development in Georgia – the Third MEETING ROOM Conference by PASHA Bank


On June 9th in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel PASHA Bank hosts its third business conference under the auspices of MEETING ROOM with the topic being “Healthcare Sector Development in Georgia.”

MEETING ROOM will bring together a diverse group of players from public and private sectors to discuss major issues concerning the healthcare sector. The MEETING ROOM will cover, among others, the following topics: overview of the healthcare sector, capital as a crucial pillar for healthcare sector development, current state and future vision for healthcare sector, implementation of effective hospital processes in a developing and dynamic healthcare system, integration of Georgia’s private insurance system and the universal healthcare program, successful healthcare projects in the regions, specific considerations for financing healthcare projects.

The presentations will be delivered by following confirmed speakers:

  • Marina Darakhvelidze - Head of Healthcare Department, Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia
  • Davit Vakhtangishvili- Deputy CEO (Finance), EVEX Medical Corporation
  • George Kipiani - CEO of Vivo Medical Group
  • Besik Pestvenidze - Health Insurance Director, GPI Holding
  • Nodar Chikovani - Regional Coordinator, Medical Corporation Primed 
  • Goga Japaridze - CCO, Member of the Board of Directors of PASHA Bank

Additional speakers to be announced. The meeting will be moderated by George Sharashidze, General Manager of Georgia Today Group.

“We are happy to announce our third business conference in the scope of the MEETING ROOM - a series of conferences focused on various economic sectors. The previous two meetings in June and December of last year were “Hotel Development in Georgia” and Sustainable Energy Development in Georgia - Case for Hydro Power Plants” respectively. On June 9th we will gather again in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel to discuss the major issues concerning the Healthcare Sector. We would like to invite all interested parties to the conference and hope that it will provide a venue for engaging and insightful debate for prospective investors in the healthcare sector and already established players alike“– said Goga Japaridze, CCO, Member of the Board of Directors at PASHA Bank.