You can rehabilitate Borjomi forest by simply donating waste paper for recycling


PASHA Bank initiated yet another environmental project - this time to attract more companies to on-going campaign “Agadgine” by BIA and Treepex, that aims at rehabilitation of Borjomi forest. Tissuepaper, being a partner of this campaign, will collect waste paper from the volunteer companies and will recycle it. GEL 0,15 will be transferred to the account of “Agadgine” for each collected kilogram of paper. The accumulated funds will be applied for planting trees and taking care of them for the next 5 years.

“This campaign is a continuation of PASHA Bank’s green CSR activities. The companies with a desire to participate in rehabilitation process of the forest will be able to do so without any monetary cost. All they have to do is: instead of throwing their waste paper away, to donate it for recycling to “Tissuepaper”. We hope that this campaign will also help develop the culture and habit of collecting and recycling used paper.

I want to use this opportunity and thank Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia (ACAG) for their support. They organize Print contests in scope of which their member agencies compete with each other in creating print advertising images on social issues. They helped us with creative communication material for this social campaign, for which we are very grateful. We hope that together with many other companies, they too will join forest rehabilitation campaign by donating their waste paper,” – said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing Department of PASHA Bank.

“We are glad that this campaign is launched in scope of “Agadgine”. It is important that many companies take interest in this initiative. We have already planted about 35,000 trees on the territory of burnt Borjomi forest, however, this is not enough for rehabilitating forest fully and 750,000 more trees need to be planted. Therefore, more involvement and activity is needed from companies. Considering that BIA has access to up to 32,000 active local companies via our platform, I am sure that the information about the campaign will be effectively communicated. The rest depends on the goodwill of the companies, whether they want to donate their waste paper for a good cause instead of just throwing it away. By this simple choice we are enabling them to participate in rehabilitation of Borjomi forest that was burnt down during the war of 2008” – commented deputy director of BIA, Salome Kukava.

“Tissuepaper is a Georgian company focused on production of a variety of paper-based products. Our factory is equipped with modern machinery that enables us to recycle large volume of paper. We will gladly assist the companies that contact us in scope of this campaign by supplying them with special boxes as well as by transporting the collected paper for recycling. We are ready to transfer 0.15 GEL for each collected kilogram of paper to the account of “Agadgine,” thus contributing to the rehabilitation of the forest. I would like to note as well that we can collect paper both shredded and in its original form. It is also important that we have tools and processes that enable us to guarantee the confidentiality of information that could be contained in papers earmarked for recycling” – commented Alex Stroganov Commercial Director of Tissuepaper.

Those who wish to donate paper can contact Tissuepaper via this contact information: 032 255 08 77; 577 05 42 83; 557 45 45 54; [email protected]