PASHA Bank became member of Georgia’s Pro Bono Network


Georgia’s Pro Bono Network is an informal union of Georgian and international companies operating in Georgia that are willing to use their expertise and professional resources for the benefit of the society. The goal of the network is to make the expertise of the private sector available to the organizations working to improve society. Pro Bono is both a form of support for communities as well as a part of corporate volunteering programs.

On November 1st, second meeting of Georgia’s Pro Bono Network was held. The meeting was attended by the existing members of the network as well as its partnering organizations.

The meeting covered the activities that were realized during the year by Pro Bono Network. Representatives of various organizations made presented the projects that they have fulfilled together with Pro Bono Network in 2017.

This year the network became wider and 4 more companies were added to the existing 13 members. The new members are:

•    PASHA Bank
•    APM Terminal Poti
•    Georgian Progress Group
•    Profit Lab

You can see additional information by following the link: