PASHA Bank hosted representatives of Diplomatic Corps


On November 4th PASHA Bank Georgia hosted representatives of Diplomatic Corps in Georgia. PASHA Bank is a regional corporate and investment bank serving large and medium enterprises in Azerbaijan, Georgia and now already in Turkey.

PASHA Bank, being an active member of EU-Georgia Business Council, gladly agreed to host a site visit organized by the EUGBC. The representatives of Embassies from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Iraq, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Great Britain, Poland, Bulgaria and Netherlands were hosted at PASHA Bank’s Rustaveli 15 headquarters.

Among the discussed topics were the Bank’s activities regarding the involvement in the recent international Telecommunication Meeting in Georgia, business conference in Brussels, Caspian Energy Forum and other business related gatherings that were sponsored by PASHA Bank.

"We as EU-Georgian  Business Council pay paramount attention of promoting regional economic cooperation between Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. In this respect, we very much welcome strategic decision of PASHA Bank to enter Georgian market", quoted Zviad Chumburidze, Secretary General of EU-Georgia Business Council. 

“We welcome the interest of the Diplomatic Corps in such regional financial institutions as PASHA Bank. More than that, we were very happy to receive this privilege of hosting the representatives from different countries and introduce them to our company,” commented Shahin Mammadov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at PASHA Bank Georgia.