PASHA Bank joins tree planting and clean-up campaign in Krtsanisi Forest Park


On March 21st, PASHA Bank joined CENN’s tree planting and clean-up campaign in Krtsanisi Forest Park. The event was organized with the support of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia.

March 21st marks the International Day of Forests, which has been celebrated since 2012 to raise awareness about forests. This year’s theme was Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being. To celebrate this day, CENN, with its partner organizations has cleaned up adopted territories and planted trees in Krtsanisi Forest Park.

PASHA Bank took responsibility to keep its “adopted” 2 hectares of territory clean in 2018, on the Earth Day, April 22nd, when the Bank joined a larger-scale environmental campaign “Keep Georgia Beautiful” by CENN.

“On behalf of PASHA Bank, I would like to thank CENN for the initiative. This organization is distinguished with its environmental projects. There is a resemblance between PASHA Bank’s CSR activities and their work, that’s why we are always delighted to join them. I hope that we will do more in the future and our good deeds will better the environment”. – Anano Korkia, Head of Marketing & Communications Department of PASHA Bank.

It has been five years, that PASHA Bank has actively been involved in environmental-friendly activities on behalf of its partners and clients.

Environmental projects carried out by PASHA Bank:

Planting 2020 Eldarica Pine and Olive trees as a new year gift to its clients and partners, on several locations, at the entrance of the city of Rustavi and in the Rustavi Park;

In 2019, to congratulate on Easter to its clients and partners, PASHA Bank joined the campaign Project “Make Varketili Green” and financed planting of one hundred Maple and Eldarica Pine trees in Tbilisi;

On March 21st, 2019 PASHA Bank’s employees cleaned up 2 hectares of territory in the Krtsanisi Forest (also known as Ponichala Reserve);

Planting 2017 trees as a new year gift for its clients and partners near Borjomi, to rehabilitate the area that got burnt down in 2008; this activity was repeated to welcome the year 2018 by financing the planting of 2018 trees in the same area;

Planting 30 Caucasian Fir trees in the yard of “First Step”, that will significantly improve the living environment of the organization’s beneficiaries;

Planting additional 500 trees near Borjomi as a part of “Aghadgine” campaign;

Initiation of a project aiming at collecting paper for recycling, where companies donated used paper and in return for each kilogram, 0,13 GEL was transferred to “Aghadgine” campaign; As a result, 110 companies enrolled, 19.5 tons of used paper was collected and planting of 300 trees was funded;

Planting 1,000 Georgian Oak (Quercus Iberica) and Imeretian Oak (Quercus Imeretina) trees in Ajameti Managed Reserve;

Supporting the green project by Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador carried out in Kondoli village (Telavi region, Kakheti), which implied planting trees in the schoolyard, building a playground, and formation of the eco-club;

Donating Caucasian Fir trees to ten schools in Tbilisi in the scope of Georgia Today’s CSR project on International Children’s Day, June 1st.