Changes in strategy of PASHA Bank


2023 was a very successful year for PASHA Bank Georgia. For the first time in recent history, the bank achieved profitability and ended the year with 1,7 million GEL in net profits. Bank’s operational income has increased by 30 % and for 2023 it was 42 million GEL. The results were driven by PASHA Bank’s corporate and commercial divisions, raising Bank’s credit portfolio to 336 million GEL at the end of the year. Year-on-year increase in deposits amounted to 16 million GEL. It seems that our customers' loyalty has increased to PASHA Bank brand significantly.

In 2024 PASHA Bank Georgia entered a new three-year strategic period. According to the new strategy in 2024-2026 period, the bank will focus on expanding its corporate business, which has just celebrated its 10 years on the Georgian Market.

PASHA Bank aims to become one of the main choices for corporate customers in Georgia by delivering high-quality service tailored to its customer needs and contributing to growth of the Georgian economy.

In the next strategic period PASHA Bank Georgia will be implementing changes to its retail business: the bank has decided to stop mass retail lending and will continue delivering digital services.

To achieve these goals the bank will continue investing in human capital and staying loyal to its core values.