Credit Line

PASHA Bank Credit Line can be used by large enterprises, as well as medium and small enterprises with annual turnover exceeding one million GEL, or with a potential to achieve this figure in the near future.

PASHA Bank customers may benefit from the Credit Lines offered by the Bank for the short-term financing of their business needs.
The customer may use the funds offered within the Credit Line limits set by the Bank in whole or in part at any time during the Credit Line availability period. After paying-off the utilized portion, the customer may draw down the Credit Line again in accordance with its cash financing requirements.
Interest is accrued only on the drawn down portion of the Credit Line. Credit Line repayment schedule can be matched to the cash-flow profile of individual customer taking into consideration the unique factors such as seasonality and trade terms. 


  • Easy access to pre-approved funding
  • Flexibility to utilize the exact amount needed 
  • Possibility to draw down the paid-off portion of the Credit Line again
  • Interest is applied only on the utilized portion of the Credit Line
  • Flexible repayment schedules
  • Availability of multi-currency loans